Tuesday, October 14, 2014

100 - Frankfurt am Main

H.Frischkorn from the Raw Art Collective has works on show at 100 - a department store selling art, secondhand and records in Frankfurt am Main

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anna Le @ Raw Art Foundation

Anna Le joined the Arts Collective in the Summer 2014, she is working on an installation, drawing inspiration from her family history, re working family portraits and memories from her roots and memories of Kazakhstan.

Photographic images using Iphone - Liz Coleman-Link 2014/15 

Micro Residency with Ohrenkuss Bonn @ Raw Art Foundation

Micro Residency @ Raw Art Studio with guests from Bonn.
Collecting material for the new Magazine.
Starting points Ai Wei Wei ,flowers and China.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Outside In Blog post by Anthony Joseph Stevens


In this post, Outside In artist Anthony Stevens writes about his experience of having his work included in a recent group exhibition in Frankfurt.

I recently had the good fortune of being invited to Frankfurt to take part in a group exhibition and micro residency called Raw Threads alongside fellow Outside In artist Annika Malmqvist and Raw Art Foundation artist, Joy Ful. The invitation and idea for the group show came from Lizzie Coleman-Link; the founder of the Raw Art Foundation and curator of the exhibition.
I flew out to Germany the day before the show and after having met with Annika and her friend at Frankfurt airport (Annika had travelled from Stockholm and I from Brighton) we all made our way to the Raw Art Foundation studio where we were met by Lizzie, who showed us the wonderful job she had made of curating our work. It felt extremely strange and exciting to see months of work hanging in an environment other than my own home. We also met with Joy Ful, a Swiss artist based in Frankfurt, who was also exhibiting in Raw Threads, before tucking into some delicious savoury pastries that Lizzie had provided. There was lots of chat and admiring of each others work, questions of how and why we started working with textiles and stitching…so much common ground!
raw threads 2
After lunch, I stayed on at the studio to participate in a workshop that Lizzie was running and meet some of the other R.A.F artists. Again, although language was a bit of a barrier – my German is not very good – it was the art and the appreciation of the work that provided the dialogue between us. Who needs words when you can create beautiful objects together! After the workshop I decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel for a much needed sleep.
On the morning of the show, we all decided to meet at a local flea market that runs every two weeks. This was no ordinary flea market, it was HUGE, spanning two very long streets. It sold everything you could possibly imagine and was very vibrant, full of life and inspiration. A definite recommendation if you ever find yourself in Frankfurt. As the time for the show edged ever nearer, we all headed off to the studio to prepare.
The show itself seemed to go by extremely quickly, in fact it didn’t feel like a show at all. We all sat around a table together working on pieces we had brought, laughing, joking and exchanging stories. The atmosphere felt light and happy and it appeared that our works went down very well with those who dropped by. Again, Lizzie had provided some delicious refreshments to keep everyone going. Before we knew it, the day was over and it was time to pack up. A group of us decided to head along the river to a new gallery and bar that had just opened up for a beer. The installation here was remarkable, a huge wall of individual works from a call out which I decided had earned itself the name ‘Art Tsunami’. We then headed further down the river to a pop up cocktail bar where I had my very first ‘caipirinha’ before settling down on the river side where we all chatted till dark. At this point it was time to depart and I was treated to the highlight of my trip…a tour of the city on the back of a push bike! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so long and hard. It took ten years off me in the best possible way and I’m sure my laughter could be heard all over Frankfurt!
Having been back in the U.K for a week now, what strikes me most about this wonderful art adventure is how the commonality of our art, amongst other things, enabled us all to come together for a brief time and form what I feel will be lasting friendships. Also, Lizzie, Annika and I have plans to collaborate together on a postal project which we hope to exhibit in another city perhaps a year from now…a chance to make more treasured memories I hope.
Many thanks to everyone for such a wonderful experience!
Click here to visit the R.A.F blog where you can see some pictures from Raw Threads which will be running till the end of July.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Anthony Joseph Stevens - UK

Anthony Joseph Stevens

  "I love punk music and draw a lot of inspiration from the 'do it yourself' mentality which combines perfectly with Buddhism. I also love the Japanese concept and aesthetic of 'Wabi-Sabi'."

Born 1978
Based in Brighton UK, where I'm fortunate enough to work from a home studio.
I work as a Peer Support Specialist and practise Nichiren Buddhism which is a huge part of the process of my work.

Future wise, I have a London based exhibition in June.
Several workshops lined up and I've just been invited by Pallant House Gallery to take part in the Brighton Art Fair in September of this year.
I have exhibited with 'The Big Bead Boutique and a local arts organisation called 'Finding Futures' as part of Brightons annual arts and culture festival. I have also had a piece exhibited at The Centre for Applied Buddhism, at Taplow Court UK, as part of a transforming conflict conference. 

For further information contact:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Annika Malmqvist - Sweden

Annika Malmqvist: Statement

Outside In's Artist of the Month in March 2014

I have been on the back side of the moon since the day of my birth and have lived in psychosis until I was forty.
I therefore was a mental patient for many years, until a met a skilled therapist who worked with me for six years. I was then liberated from psychosis. During many years I was writing, mainly poetry, and this was my only rescue in all years. Ten years ago I discovered free embroidery, and since then I have been in love with this medium of expression. I have made a distance education from the Swedish Embroidery Guild (Broderiakademin) and it took me six years of work. I have had some exhibitions in Sweden and Finland.
My latest was in Candyland, Stockholm,with the motto "Poetry in yarn." Because of my health problem, I have been very much outside society, but I have been working for 22 years as a free spirit and an activist in the national movement of users and survivors of psychiatry (RSMH). Today I have a stitching group for survivors, hoping that they may feel better, and they really do. I consider myself as an survivor with a very good quality of life. 

For further infos:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

raw threads @ raw art foundation - Frankfurt am Main

Raw Contemporary Embroidery/Textiles @ R*A*F
Studio show & Micro residency - Frankfurt am Main

Anthony Joseph Stevens - UK
Annika Malmqvist - Sweden
Joy Ful - Switzerland

Curated by Elizabeth Coleman - Link

Anthony Joseph Stevens - Quote : 

I love punk music and draw a lot of inspiration from the 'do it yourself' mentality which combines perfectly with Buddhism. I also love the Japanese concept and aesthetic of 'Wabi-Sabi'.

Atelier 301, Schwedler Str 1-5 Frankfurt am Main.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Joy Ful @ Raw Art Foundation

Joy Ful - Lausanne/Frankfurt
Joined R*A*F arts Collective October 2013
Specialized in drawing, printing, Textile collage 2d & 3d .

Exhibitons : 
Atelier 301, AtelierFrankfurt, Schwedler Str.
R*A*F Group show February 2014
Wanderlust: Frankfurt am Main March 2014
raw threads Frankfurt am Main May 2014

Wanderlust: Bulgaria June 2014 - Process Space Arts Festival- Balchik June 2014
Art Gallery Ruse - September 2014